Coffee Makers: Which One is Right for Me?

There are plenty of options for choosing a coffee maker and the options seem to be expanding still. But which one is right for you?


Whether you call it a cafetiere or a French Press, this is a common option for coffee lovers. You wouldn’t be crazy for assuming that the devise originates from France. However, did you know that patent documents were lodged in Italy in the early 1900s for the devise, where it was intended to be used to juice tomatoes?

The best grind for a French Press: Coarse

The benefits of a cafetiere/French press include that it has no disposable aspect. For example, no filter papers, pods or any other throw-away part. This is certainly a bonus for coffee lovers who aim to leave a low footprint on the environment.

However, some people feel that they are difficult to use. The filter in a cafetiere should be cleaned to make sure that the device produces good coffee every time. A clogged filter will usually lead to a strenuous press and coffee may escape around the sides!

Suits people who... enjoy a coffee from home or at the office thanks to the cafetiere’s portable nature. It is also a great device for those who are cost, and sustainability focused with their coffee habits. A French press suits those with some time to spend on their brew and isn’t as fast as some options, but certainly faster than many others!



Filter coffee devices come in all kinds of sizes. From filter machines to single cup “coffee drippers”. The filter coffee method works by allowing water to seep through coffee grounds held within a filter paper. The brewed coffee is then collected in a container located below. Filter coffee using papers was created in Germany in 1908.

The best grind for a filter: Medium

The benefits of the filter coffee method are that a large amount of coffee can be brewed in large filtering machines. The filter brewing method is also thought to have health benefits over other methods. This is all down to the effective filtering of the coffee (the name really says it all!)

However, the filter method does have more of a clean up job following the brew. It also produces used filter papers which are disposable and not recyclable. Many filter papers (usually coloured white), are coloured with bleach! These should be avoided to make sure no nasty chemicals make it into your coffee. Go brown when buying new papers.

Suits people who... Might need to put the coffee on and come back to it later or have to make larger quantities of coffee… perfect for the office!




The home espresso machine is a luxury for some, but the cornerstone of every morning for others. The espresso machine for home is an initiative that allows you to embrace your inner Barista. The espresso can be used to create a variety of coffee drinks by drinking it straight, adding water for a an Americano, or adding hot milk for classics such as lattes and cappuccinos.

The best grind for a home espresso machine: Fine

Espresso machines are fast and easy. No coffee know-how is required as you can simply fill the coffee handle and press the button for fresh coffee. The home espresso also leads to a great variety of favourites like the latte or the cappuccino.

A home espresso machine is not a cheap acquisition. If you are only going to drink 1 or 2 coffees per day, perhaps you could opt for a moka pot (stovetop)? They use fine coffee too, meaning a lot of taste, but are far simpler to set up and clean.

Suits people who… Have the time to clean, set up and maintain their espresso machine. It also suits those who have some space for it, drink lots of fresh coffee and like it strong!



The 8th wonder of the world. The coffee making device that leaves some scratching their heads but many others with a quick, smooth and painless coffee. The device was created by Alan Adler, a retired engineer in 2005.  

The best grind for a the AeroPress: Medium

When it comes to practicality, AeroPress is the undisputed champion of coffee makers. Making coffee is fast, it is consistent, extremely portable and compact, and the used coffee “pucks” are easy to dispose of. Not to mention that the AeroPress is very affordable compared to other options!

However, as the concept is very similar to the filter coffee concept. This means that it mirrors the disadvantages such as disposable filter papers. The AeroPress filter papers are unique and cant be used with other advices either. The AeroPress is a one-cup device, meaning that coffee for the masses will be a tricky job!

Suits people who... Are on the go! If you like your coffee to be neat and simple and don’t mind restocking on filters, AeroPress could be your best bet. With the newer AeroPress Go, your coffee maker can go wherever you do. However if you like the filter coffee style, but require a larger batch when you brew, the traditional filter options would suit you best.

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