Freshly Ground vs Pre-Ground Coffee

If you are a big fan of the specialty coffee scene, you probably put some thought into the grinding of your coffee, and perhaps grind at home?

Ground coffee is certainly the easier option for a coffee lover, but you might just 

So why choose freshly ground?

Oxidation: Some of the compounds of freshly ground coffee are unstable. This means that when they are exposed to the air around us, they begin to change and decline. This leads to the aromas and tastes, that we all know and love, to fade away. If you can brew your coffee grounds, soon after grinding them, you will keep all of the aromas and tastes for when you need them.

Moisture: There is moisture in our atmosphere which causes the oils in coffee to dilute. These are the very oils which are soluble and lead to the great smells and tastes that we get from a fresh coffee. Once again, brewing the coffee after grinding it is the best way to use those soluble oils at your advantage.

Co2 Depletion: Did you know that carbon dioxide is actually what carries the soluble coffee oils into your brew? This means that the more time that your coffee sits there ground up, the more time it has to escape. Therefore, every second that you have your coffee ground before brewing, is time for the brew to taste of less.

Contamination: Your kitchen will no doubt have lots of interesting smells from your hours spent cooking tasty and fragrant meals. However these lingering smells also find their way into your ground coffee. As mentioned, the increased surface area from having your coffee ground is time for unwanted smells to seep in. Grind up just before your brew for best results. 

When is grinding your own not the best option?

Grinding coffee properly is everything when it comes to your coffee preparation at home. Grinding coffee too small, large or unevenly could result in a nasty tasting coffee. Therefore you should only grind at home when you have access to a burr grinder. Trust us, it's worth the effort!

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