Iced Coffee Done Right

It's warming up! For those of you who enjoy your coffee over ice when the weather turns, we've got some great tips

Other than a sweltering day, what are the ingredients to enjoy an iced coffee at home? It's the same as a regular coffee, but with the addition of (you guessed it) ... ice. 

Did you know...

1. The process of icing coffee preserves and even enhances the natural tastes of your coffee?

2. The Japanese method is a common iced coffee method. This involves using a filter/dripper coffee maker to drip coffee directly on to ice cubes. Be careful to measure your water and ice to account for ice melting and not overdiluting your icy brew.

3. The Japanese iced coffee method works best with fruity and light coffees, such as Agraciro, Rwanda. Or equally well with a Latin American, lighter roast such as La Pastora, Costa Rica.

4. The reason for the above is that smooth, light, low-acidity roasts are most enjoyable as iced coffee.

5. Grind size is still important! You can brew up your coffee to pour over ice however you wish, but don't forget to choose: Espresso and Moka Pot is finely ground, Aeropress and filter coffee is medium ground and cafetiere is coarse. We have every size for every one of our coffees, just filter by your preference here!

We hope you can take these pointers away and kick back with a cold one this summer.

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