Roaster Profile - Carringtons

Q- Why or how did you get into coffee roasting?

A visit to a coffee farm in Colombia was the catalyst for promoting single origin specialty coffee and a relationship with the farmer. 

Q- Name 3 words that describe your roastery?

Fundamentally Uplifting Coffee

Q- Which song would be the soundtrack to your coffee roastery?

Virtual Insanity - we launched Carringtons Coffee Co. a few months before the first lockdown so this song seems fitting for now (plus it's a bop!)

Q- If you could have any historical figure giving your team a hand in the roastery, who would it be?

Walt Disney - our coffee journey began while we were working for Disney Cruise Line and it was during that time that we met a coffee farming family with a musical connection, so it's thanks to Mickey Mouse that we have the connection with the coffee farm in Colombia.

Q- Which country of coffee origin is your absolute favourite?

Colombia - but we might have a bias towards this origin because of our connection to Fabio's farm in Huila, Colombia.

Q- Which causes do you care about most as a business?

It should go without saying that we source our coffee at a fair price for the coffee farmer and that our eco-system at the roastery is based on minimum wastage, recycling and using recycled/ recyclable materials wherever we can. Our focus beyond the roastery is uplifting people through coffee and that's why we donate 30p from every bag sold to mental health charity Blackdog Outdoors.

Q- Tell us an interesting fact about your roastery?

We're a husband and wife team - it's just the two of us running the show! 

Q- Do you have any projects coming in the future to look out for?

We have several micro-lots directly imported from Colombia which have all come from the same farm. We're working on a tasting pack for our customers. 

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