Roaster Profile - Copper Coffee Roasters

Our next roaster profile is of Copper Coffee Roasters, in Cobham. 

Q - Why or how did you get into coffee roasting?

We've all worked in the coffee industry for many years, most recently recruiting for roles at many large coffee machine manufacturers. We were looking to try and do something a bit different and somehow landed on coffee roasting!

Q - Name 3 words that describe your roastery?

Family-friendly (if that can be considered 1 word), quirky, fun

Q - Which song would be the soundtrack to your coffee roastery?

Coffee Talk - Southbank Crows

Q - If you could have any historical figure giving your team a hand in the roastery, who would it be?

Whoever the first guy to roast coffee beans was - would love to know the truth behind the origin of a tradition that has stood the test of time

Q - Which country of coffee origin is your absolute favourite?

Papua New Guinea 

Q - Which causes do you care about most as a business?

The environment is a big one for us, our roaster is electric only and we use Bulb energy (100% renewable energy/green energy) to power everything we do. We use our grinds and chaff at a local allotment and have partnered with some local charities. 

Q - Tell us an interesting fact about your roastery?

Around 100 years ago it was a chicken coop!

Q - Do you have any projects coming in the future to look out for?

We are in the ongoing process of turning the roastery into a proper destination, for cyclists, dog walkers and local coffee lovers to come enjoy an amazing cup of coffee and learn about the roasting process, the brewing process and all things speciality coffee. 

Find Copper Coffee's amazing roasts here!

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