Roaster Profile - Farrers

We are keen to share our roasters' interesting identities as much as possible with the coffee drinking world. First up is Farrers, who are from Kendal and recently featured on Channel 4's Food Unwrapped!


1. Why or how did you get into coffee roasting?

We are one of the Oldest Independent Roasters in the UK, roasting coffee in the market town of Kendal since 1819 with John Farrer who was given the shop in the Town after completing an apprenticeship.

2. Name 3 words that describe your roastery?

Dedicated, Precise & Consistent

3. Which song would be the soundtrack to your coffee roastery?

The Coffee Song – Frank Sinatra.. a classic (like us)

4. If you could have any historical figure giving your team a hand in the roastery, who would it be?

We would have to say Queen Victoria, born on the same day as Farrers first opened its doors.

5. Which country of coffee origin is your absolute favourite?

We are very fond of Coffees from Ethiopia – where it all started

6. Which causes do you help to address most as a business?

We care about workers’ rights within plantations and the conditions they work in regardless of which foundation it is affiliated to.

7. Tell us an interesting fact about your roastery...

We are over 200 years old, and still strive for new and exciting opportunities within coffee.

8. Do you have any projects coming in the future to look out for?

We have a new project with some fantastic, El Salvador and Geisha coffees which incorporate local artwork into the new design of packaging.

Buy Farrers coffee at the Coffee Roasters' Marketplace

You can find out more about Farrers here.

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