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Next up on the roaster profiles, it's Mug Run from Rhyl. 

Q - Name 3 words that describe your roastery? 

Unique. Shed. Concentrated.

Q - Which country of coffee origin is your absolute favourite? 

We don't  necessarily have a favourite as we enjoy the adventure each time - there's always great coffee to be found!

Q - Which causes do you care about most as a business? 

Since we started our core principles have been to support the environment in every stage of our process i.e. from how we roast the coffee to our packaging of the final product, to support other local business and to ensure everyone involved including the growers received a fair wage. These remain as much true today as they did when we

Q - Tell us an interesting fact about your roastery? 

The roaster was bought second hand, we don't know the make or model but we suspect it's called Norma.

Q - Do you have any projects coming in the future to look out for? 

We have a few ideas brewing for the future of Mug Run… they're all hush hush but you can follow us on social media to find out more!

Q - Which song would be the soundtrack to your coffee roastery?  

We don't have a particular song, but we have spent many nights working late listening to Glitterbox, chill out lounge music and various podcasts by the riveting (and entertaining) Simon Whistler.


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