Roaster Profile - Rounton Coffee

Learn about another of our amazing coffee roasters! Next up it's Rounton Coffee, from Northallerton. They are passionate about creating high quality, freshly roasted specialty coffee in North Yorkshire.

Q - Why or how did you get into coffee roasting?

We started our journey after Dave (Rounton Coffee’s founder) met a group of Sumatran coffee farmers in 2012. There, at the source of the coffee supply chain, the spark was ignited to bring more transparency and appreciation for coffee (and its journey) back home to North Yorkshire.

Q - Name 3 words that describe your roastery?

Energetic, dynamic, rural

Q - Which song would be the soundtrack to your coffee roastery?

Depends who’s in charge of the speaker - it could be anything! Time (You and I) by Khruangbin would be a solid choice. 

Q - If you could have any historical figure giving your team a hand in the roastery, who would it be?

Andre The Giant - Chief Coffee Sack Unloader 

Q - Which country of coffee origin is your absolute favourite?

It really depends on what’s in season… Super-fresh green coffee is amazing, no matter where it’s from.

Q - Which causes do you care about most as a business?

In a word, it all comes down to sustainability. To us, that's sourcing coffees that allow producers to invest in their futures, and the future of the coffee industry. Closer to home, it means creating positive environmental change and always trying to operate more responsibly. 

Q - Tell us an interesting fact about your roastery?

Our roastery is an old granary building - we converted it ourselves when we first started the Rounton Coffee Roasters journey!

Q - Do you have any projects coming in the future to look out for?

We’re working alongside Agri Evolve (our Ugandan coffee supplier) to support their ACE2030 project. 60p from every 1kg of coffee we sell will go towards supporting the project, which is a 10-year plan emphasising the integral link between agriculture, community and the environment.


Find freshly-roasted Rounton coffees here!

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