What’s The Best Water Temperature For Coffee?


Mix coffee and water—that’s how you make coffee, right? Yeah but.. most coffee lovers have an oversimplified understanding of how to make *really amazing* coffee. One of the keys that’s frequently forgotten? 

The best water temperature for making coffee.

And here’s why this is something you cannot mess up:

  • Wrong temperatures are a HUGE problem for coffee lovers everywhere
  • Most people have no idea how big the impact is on flavor
  • And once you fix the problem, your coffee gets way better.

This is one of the fundamentals of making great coffee, so we suggest getting it down asap.

The Best Water Temperature For Coffee Brewing

Most coffee professionals around the world agree that the best coffee water temperature is between 195 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit. Coffee made in this range simply tastes better.

Here’s why.

Brewing coffee is a balancing act. Extract too much flavor from the coffee grounds and you’ll end up with bitter, dull coffee. Extract too little and you’ll get sour, thin coffee.

Water temperature impacts how quickly the flavors are extracted from the grounds.

  • The hotter the water 👉 the faster the extraction
  • The cooler the water 👉 the slower the extraction

When your water temperature falls below 195 degrees, you don’t achieve an optimal extraction speed. You could increase the brewing time to try and make up for it, but it’s difficult to pull off.

When your water temperature goes above 205 degrees, you start extracting things way too fast. You could try to balance it out by brewing in less time, but once again—not easy.

But between 195 and 205—that’s when the brewing speed is just right for most coffee makers.

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