French Press / Cafetiere

A Guide to Brewing the Perfect Cup

An Introduction

The cafetiere, or French Press, is an iconic brewing style for your speciality coffee. There are many reasons for this, but overall the cafetiere method is excellent for reducing waste. There is no disposable element to a cafetiere brew, which is great for eco-friendly coffee brewers! Remember to keep your plunger clean and you’re on your way to a sustainable, practical and low-cost coffee!

What you’ll Need

French press/Cafetiere
Coffee grinder

Brew Time


Step 1

Freshly-roasted speciality coffee is the way to go if you like a coffee with maximum taste. Non-fresh coffee brews just as well, but certainly can’t match fresh coffee for the full taste experience. Select your beans to suit your taste, and aim for 20g of coffee beans for each person.

Step 2

If you have a burr grinder, then that’s great! The burr grinder option provides uniform grinding which means better taste. Grind your beans to medium-coarse. This is because the extraction rate in a cafetiere suits this size of grounds. Different brew methods suit different grind sizes, which you can explore in full on our blog page! Your coffee grinder should have settings for coarseness, so aim for the middle. Your coffee grounds should be approximately the size of granulated sugar.

Step 3

Once you’re satisfied with your grinding, tip the coffee grounds into the cafetiere pot, with the plunger not attached. The coffee should sit at the bottom of the glass or plastic chamber. For best results, avoid your ground coffee sitting in open air for too long after grinding. A few minutes is fine, but if you’re nipping out between grind and brew stages, store the coffee somewhere airtight! 

Step 4

Pour hot water on to the coffee grounds. The water should be a few degrees below boiling. To achieve this, simply leave the kettle for a few minutes after it boils. This avoids burning your delicious speciality coffee! Stir the coffee once poured, wait for 3-4 minutes for the coffee to brew, and slowly push the plunger down through the coffee. The coffee grounds should be pushed to the bottom, leaving amazing speciality coffee to pour. Enjoy with or without milk!


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