About Us

Categorically Coffee was founded to tell the story of coffee from around the world, through the skilled roasters based in the UK. Exploring new countries through our online store or subscription, you can broaden your palate or buy your favourites depending on your sense of adventure. 

We aim to provide fresh and tasty coffee experiences to your door. Each coffee will be accompanied by words from the specialists who produced them.


We at Categorically Coffee have 3 key values:

1. Good Coffee - We search high and low in the UK, sourcing the most interesting and high-quality coffees being roasted.

2. Our Footprint - We continue to find new ways of reducing our carbon footprint and working with suppliers who care about theirs. By using independent suppliers, we are able to maintain our careful approach. Each roaster has a unique story to tell about how they keep sourcing incredible coffees from all over the globe, whilst operating ethically.

3. Independent Roasters - We aim to cover every blade of grass to find coffee producers who have a passion for their work. We find that the insights held by independent roasters are the most enlightening.


Why We Do it? There are 500+ coffee roasters based in the UK. Each one has such a unique and charismatic story to tell. The reason that we unite them in our fresh coffee marketplace is simply that we would like customers to be able to browse them and understand them in one place! 

Who Do We Do It For? It is this question that we see as one of the most important. "Something for everyone" is a term that has been used a lot, possibly even overused! However, there are different groups out there who we are trying to help. Coffee connoisseurs are able to broaden their knowledge and palate to heights they didn't know possible, whilst picking up key equipment to maximise the coffee experience. However, the engagement of new coffee drinkers is of huge importance to us. By making the specialty coffee world easier to understand and much easier to access, we hope to be everyone's platform to coffee experiences, not just a means to fire you up in the morning!

What sets us apart? Simple, we provide you with access to a fresh coffee marketplace from the comfort of your own home. Coffees are delivered to you straight from the roaster and come delivered with their own individuality wrapped up within. Our Subscriptions are like some you haven't heard of until you try them... Most subscription services either provide 2 or 3 different coffees or perhaps just one recurring. We do offer this on all of our coffees, but our subscriptions allow you to browse different roasters every month as well as different tasting coffees! All of this without having to do the manual searching and paying for multiple subscriptions... plus we plant a tree (offsetting 21kg of carbon per year), for every new subscription.

Social Responsibility: The social issues that the UK faces are changing every day in complex ways. We are always trying to keep up with what they are and doing our part to address them in new innovative ways. It's crucial to us that we unite with our customers to tackle these problems together. Some of our current campaigns include:

Tree Planting - For every new subscription ordered we plant a tree! This offsets 21kg of Co2 per customer, per year. We target the tree-planting projects that require investment the most through our tree-planting partner: "More Trees".