Burleigh Ink Blue Palisade Mug


We think that your coffee cup should match your coffee! Burleigh coffee cups promise individuality, high-quality, supporting local businesses and a great drinking experience. That’s everything your coffee should be, right?

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The Palisade range and design is an ode to Victorian pottery. The motif was designed by Christopher Dresser. Dresser was a lover of botany and spent his life designing incredible floral patterns.

The Palisade mug is designed not only to be beautiful and light up your coffee drinking, but also to sit delicately in your hands. Burleigh really do consider the full coffee drinking experience. A great coffee gift idea and an incredible asset for your home.

Uniquely decorated by skilled craftspeople with Burleigh’s centuries-old technique of tissue transfer printing from hand-engraved copper rollers.

Dishwasher and microwave safe – Wash using low temperatures – Non-freezer friendly

Capacity – 300ml


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