Colombia Excelso Copper Coffee

Colombia Excelso

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Tasting notes of Sweet Citrus, Rich

The South American country of Colombia has very strong roots in the coffee industry, as it was once the world’s largest producer of washed coffee beans. Annually, Colombia exports approximately 12.5 million bags and consumes 2 million bags internally. Coffee beans are produced in three main geographical areas, trisected by the Andes mountain range.            

Excelso Colombian coffee beans are large with a screen size of 15-16, second only to the Supremo bean with a screen size of 17. Colombian coffee is graded before shipment according to bean size, and Excelso beans accounts for the greatest volume of coffee exported from Colombia.   

Our speciality Colombian coffee beans are medium-dark roasted, producing a strong coffee with notes of sweet citrus and lemon. It’s a versatile coffee that can easily be brewed in a variety of methods, including a French Press, V60, AeroPress and Moka Pot.

Packed and supplied in 100% biodegradable resealable bags and available for you to buy online as whole beans for you to grind yourself, we've also made our Colombia Excelso Colombian coffee available to purchase as freshly ground coffee in coarse, medium or fine.    


Antioquia, Huila


1100 - 1900m

Cupping Notes:
Sweet Citrus, Rich


Caturra, Castillo, Typica

SCA Score: