Hario Column Coffee Grinder


Style, substance, and perfectly ground coffee. Hario are simply the premium option when it comes to burr grinders on the specialty coffee market. This wooden Column Burr Grinder is no different!

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The most stylish and practical coffee grinder on the market! The Hario Column Grinder is ideal for gifts and for those who give their personal coffee making process the attention that it deserves. The burr grinding mechanism within the Hario Column Grinder ensures consistent grinds, which means the best tasting coffee possible.

Hario have a reputation for the precise and the quality when it comes to burr grinders. This wooden burr grinder is no exception. The hopper capacity is 40g (approximately 3 coffees’ worth) and features adjustable burrs which means you are in full control of the coffee grind size. Whether you’re an espresso fanatic or prefer the simple cafetiere grind, the Hario Column Grinder can suit your style.

Height 23cm, Width 15cm and Depth 10.5cm


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